Restricted/hazardous substance process management

IECQ Restricted/hazardous substance process management (IECQ HSPM) to IECQ QC 080000

In response to global concerns regarding the presence of restricted/hazardous substances in equipment production, countries have enacted legislation to restrict or prohibit their use.

The international specification IECQ QC 080000 offers a comprehensive approach to managing and controlling processes aligned with hazardous substance-free (HSF) goals. Through IECQ HSPM certification, organizations are evaluated based on this specification, ensuring the establishment and implementation of processes for effectively managing hazardous substances beyond restricted substances avoidance.

Meeting the certification requirements allows organizations to minimize technical trade barriers and demonstrates compliance with customer requirements and regulations. The IECQ HSPM certification also enables efficient compliance checks, consistent deployment throughout organizations and their supply chains, and harmonization of compliance and enforcement methods. This certification enhances an organization's reputation while actively contributing to a sustainable future.

Restricted substances 

Examples include (ref: EU RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU @ 2023), among others:







cr 6

Hexavalent chromium


Polybrominated biphenyls


Polybrominated diphenyl ethers


Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate


Benzil butyl phthalate


Dibutyl phthalate


Diisobutyl phthalate


Note: The industry can adapt to regulations, as the global phase-out of lead solder demonstrates, banned in 2006 by the EU.



In order to ensure that products respect national and/or international regulations, and to avoid potential recalls or liability suits, original component manufacturers (OCMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their supply chain need to demonstrate due diligence of compliance with regulations concerning restricted substances.

Such regulations include the following (from the European Union, China, and industry customers):

  • EU RoHS - Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
  • EU WEEE - Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • EU REACH - Registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals; and
  • China RoHS 2 - Administrative measures for the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products
  • 069-0135 - Apple Regulated Substances Specification
  • SS-00259 - Sony management regulations for the environment-related substances to be controlled which are included in parts and materials


Restricted/hazardous substance management needs to go much further than strict control of the component product itself. It involves the complete supply chain and production process, from product design, material selections, external service providers, and purchasing to production lines, production processes, warehouses and dispatch.

The presence of restricted/hazardous substances at any one stage of the process can contaminate the final product.

The IECQ Hazardous substance process management (HSPM) was developed to help manufacturers verify and control the use of restricted/hazardous substances throughout the entire production process, including all materials, components, and services provided by external service providers/suppliers.


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What advantages do you think this provides?

The system also allows external service providers/suppliers to demonstrate, through third-party assessment, that their component products, raw materials and assemblies meet specific restricted/hazardous substance-free (HSF) local, national and international requirements. 

IECQ HSPM helps with numerous benefits


Efficient management tool

It provides an effective tool for managing the identification and use of restricted/hazardous substances (HS), making the management process more streamlined and organized.


Demonstrates HS & HSF "due diligence"

The certification demonstrates a thorough and responsible approach to handling restricted/hazardous substances (HS and HSF), showcasing a commitment to exercising due diligence in their management.


Ensures compliance

It demonstrates compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as adherence to the highest industry standards for managing restricted/hazardous substances. This ensures that the organization operates within legal and ethical boundaries.


Access to global markets

Obtaining the certification allows for seamless access to global markets, eliminating barriers and delays that could otherwise hinder international trade.


Builds trust and confidence

IECQ HSPM certification instills trust and confidence in customers and other stakeholders. It demonstrates the organization’s commitment to the safe and responsible handling of restricted/hazardous substances, enhancing its reputation and credibility.

reduce costs

Reduce costs

With the certification, there is no need for costly duplication of testing and certification at a local level. This eliminates unnecessary expenses associated with redundant assessments, ensuring cost savings for the organization.

save money

Save money and resources

The certification eliminates the need for multiple second-party assessments of suppliers. Instead, it provides a globally harmonized "IECQ supplier assessment" that replaces lengthy questionnaires and on-site evaluations from customers. This streamlines the assessment process and helps save costs and resources.


Transparency and integrity

All IECQ certificates are published in the official IECQ online certificate system. This provides transparency and easy access for end users, manufacturers, and service providers to find and confirm certified suppliers. It ensures the integrity of the certification process and promotes trust among stakeholders.

In summary, 

IECQ HSPM certification to IECQ QC 080000 provides an efficient management tool, demonstrates due diligence, ensures compliance, facilitates access to global markets, builds trust and confidence among customers and other stakeholders, saves money and resources, reduces costs, and enhances transparency and integrity.

How is this IECQ HSPM certification achieved?

To confirm conformity, service providers/suppliers undergo initial and ongoing comprehensive assessments conducted by IECQ (peer-assessed) certification bodies (IECQ CBs) for HSPM. These assessments verify that the providers' products and processes comply with the international specification IECQ QC 080000, as well as relevant national or regulatory standards, such as the EU RoHS.

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IECQ Hazardous Substances Process Management (IECQ HSPM)

The IECQ process ensures certificated organizations can demonstrate compliance with global restricted/hazardous substances legislation.
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How to get involved

Certification Bodies seeking to provide this IECQ service should submit an application to the IECQ Secretariat using the forms provided. 

CB Application Forms

Standard Form MC-129-Q - IECQ CB Application Form

This form is to be completed by certification bodies seeking acceptance as an IECQ Certification Body (IECQ CB) and once completed is to be reviewed and endorsed by one of the IECQ Member Bodies (IECQ MBs) and then forwarded to the IECQ Secretariat as indicated on the form.

Standard Form MC-130-Q - IECQ CB Application for Extension of Scope

This application & capability declaration form is to be completed by accepted IECQ Certification Bodies (IECQ CBs) when seeking to extend their scope of IECQ acceptance to other IECQ Services and new or revised Standards / Specifications. The completed form is then forwarded to the IECQ Secretariat as indicated on the form.

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