IECQ Technical Experts (IECQ TEs)


About IECQ Technical Experts (IECQ TEs)

IECQ ECMP Subject Matter Experts

IECQ Technical Experts (IECQ TEs)

Also known as Subject Matter Experts (IECQ SMEs)


The IECQ System provides industry with a "Supply chain verification tool" for seeking assurance that electronic components, assemblies, processes and related materials conform to declared technical Standards and Specifications.


To serve the worldwide industry with the steady and growing interest in IECQ Avionics and CAP Certification, based on their demonstrated accomplishments, on their experience in implementation and also upon their experience and qualifications in verifying compliance, IECQ endorses the following list of Appointed IECQ Technical Experts.


The TEs are appointed to participate on IECQ Scheme / Programme Assessments according to the rules of procedure.