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What IECQ is

What is IECQ

The IECQ is a worldwide approval and certification system covering the supply of electronic components and associated materials and assemblies (including modules) and processes. It uses quality assessment specifications that are based on International Standards prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


The IECQ is about assurance and cost-cutting. Electrical and electronic products comprise many, sometimes hundreds of individual components and sub-assemblies. The well-known brand manufacturers and their purchasing managers want to be assured that the electronic components used in their products are of the required quality and reliability. To minimize incoming inspection costs and eliminate the quality auditing of suppliers, they can choose component suppliers who hold IECQ product approvals for their components.

What does IECQ cover?

As a supply change management tool, IECQ covers the design, manufacture, assembly and distribution of electronic component parts and related materials and processes with specific emphasis on:

  • Active components, including integrated circuits;
  • Electromagnetic components;
  • Electromechanical components;
  • Electro-optic components;
  • Hybrid integrated circuits;
  • Passive components;
  • Printed wiring boards;
  • Wire, cables and connectors;
  • Assemblies;
  • Component Modules;
  • Ancillary items e.g. Insulator / shielding materials, heat transfer compounds and materials etc.;
  • Electronic part enclosures and housing materials.

To support industry, the IECQ also operates the well-respected and known IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management (IECQ HSPM) Certification scheme providing suppliers holding IECQ HSPM Certification with a single global system of demonstrating their compliance with Stated Environmental and Green Process Management. For this, the IECQ developed the International IECQ Specification QC 080000, which takes the basic quality management system requirements of ISO 9001 and provides a specific focus for the legislative and customer requirements for the management of hazardous substances. These are now a very common requirement worldwide, e.g. European RoHS Directive.


The IECQ is continuously expanding into new fields, the most recent being Electronic Component Management Plan (IECQ ECMP) initialy for the avionics industry. It now audits original equipment manufacturers that manage and control the use of electronic components for their avionics equipment. Suppliers to the avionics OEMs may also choose to have the IECQ audit them if they wish.

What if my suppliers are in countries where the IECQ is not represented?

Your suppliers are free to contact any IECQ CB of their choice.



What does the IECQ do?

  • IECQ helps purchasing managers and those involved in procurement to ensure that they are getting the quality electronic components that they order form their suppliers;
  • IECQ helps electronic component parts suppliers to provide the guarantee that their products are of the high quality that is expected today;
  • IECQ provides a valuable "supply chain management and control system";
  • IECQ eliminates the need for "repeat" second party auditing of electronic component part suppliers.

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How does the IECQ work?

There are two aspects to the IECQ: Facility certification and product certification.

  • Facility certification: An IECQ Certification Body (IECQ CB) will evaluate the supplier’s quality management system and grant facility certification for a Process or family (or families) of component(s) or component parts concerned to a specific specification or standard.
  • Product certification: Suppliers have to show through testing that the component conforms to the relevant quality assessment specifications declared by the manufacturers. Some suppliers have their own in-house testing facilities for making all of the tests required by the specification or standard. The IECQ CB will ensure that these testing facilities are adequate. Those who do not have the in-house testing facilities may use outside testing laboratories that are accepted to the IECQ CB. A list of IECQ CBs appears on this website.