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IECQ ITL Approval (Independent Testing Laboratory)

IECQ ITL scheme

Independent testing laboratory

The IECQ independent testing laboratory approval is available to independent testing laboratories intending to carry out tests in support of IECQ activities within the IECQ System. The approval covers the type of tests to be carried out, the component ranges to be tested and the facilities available, and exceeds the relevant requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.


In order to gain approval, independent testing laboratories must demonstrate that their organizations and facilities comply with IECQ requirements for the competence of staff and adequacy of testing facilities, and for performing their functions under the IECQ System. Account is taken of any existing and relevant accreditation.


Obtaining IECQ ITL approval as an independent testing laboratory?


Independent testing laboratories interested in obtaining IECQ ITL approval should contact the IECQ certification body (IECQ CB) of their choice or the IECQ Secretariat.


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