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IECQ CAP (IECQ Counterfeit Avoidance Programme)


IECQ Counterfeit Avoidance Programme

IECQ CAP, part of the IECQ Approved Process Scheme, allows an organization, including any equipment manufacturer or subcontractor the organization uses, to develop and implement the systems required to obtain an IECQ CAP Certificate of Conformity. This provides confidence internationally that this organization has processes for managing counterfeit avoidance in the selection and use of components according to IECQ CAP technical and quality management system requirements. This is ensured through independent conformity assessment and ongoing surveillance by an IECQ Certification Body.


Organizations that are holding IECQ CAP Certification demonstrate to the international market place that their organization and facilities comply with the requirements of the IECQ System for Counterfeit Avoidance.



Obtaining IECQ CAP Certification as an Organization?


Organizations who are interested in obtaining IECQ CAP Certification should contact the IECQ Certification Body (IECQ CB) of their choice or the IECQ Secretariat.

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