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IECQ ECMP Scheme (Electronic Component Management Plan)


IECQ Avionics Parts and Assembly Management

The IECQ AVIONICS Scheme – Avionics Parts and Assembly Management requirements are designed to evaluate commercial, military and aerospace (avionics) equipment manufacturers’ and related organizations’ processes for compliance with IEC TS 62239-1 Electronic Component Management Plans (ECMP) and/or GEIA/ANSI 4899 Standard for preparing an Electronic Component Management Plan. The avionics industry requirements allow the use of either IEC TS 62239-1 or GEIA 4899 at the option of the OEM. Such plans are used to develop, document, and implement plan owners’ processes for managing the selection and use of electronic components in avionics equipment.


Organizations that are holding IECQ AVIONICS Certification demonstrate to the international market place that their organization and facilities comply with the requirements of the IECQ System and either IEC TS 62239-1 or GEIA 4899 for their scope of activity.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

To serve the worldwide industry with the steady and growing interest in IECQ AVIONICS Certification to IEC TS 62239-1, based on their demonstrated accomplishments in preparing IEC TS 62239-1 and its revisions, and on their experience in implementation and also upon their experience and qualifications in verifying compliance, IECQ endorses the following list of Appointed IECQ Subject Matter Experts.


Obtaining IECQ AVIONICS Certification as an Organization?


Organizations who are interested in obtaining IECQ ECMP Certification should contact the IECQ Certification Body (IECQ CB) of their choice or the IECQ Secretariat.


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