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ECMP for Avionics

IECQ ECMP Scheme (Electronic Component Management Plan)

IEC Technical Committee 107, Process Management for Avionics, has published IEC TS 62239, Preparation of an Electronic Components Management Plan, which describes the objectives to be accomplished by avionics manufacturers in managing electronic components in avionics systems.


An Electronic Component Management Plan is prepared by a manufacturer of aerospace electronic equipment, in accordance with IEC TS 62239. The Plan documents the avionics manufacturer's baseline processes to manage COTS components. The processes documented in the Plan satisfy high-level objectives, such as component selection, application, qualification, quality assurance, dependability, data management, and obsolescence management. After the Plan is approved as compliant to IEC TS 62239, the Plan owner is authorized to manage all aspects of the COTS components, in accordance with the Plan. All components used in the P an owner's products must satisfy the requirements of the approved Plan.


IECQ offers accredited third party assessment of Electronic Component Management Plans, prepared to comply with IEC TS 62239.