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IECQ AP Scheme (Approved Process Scheme)

IECQ AP Scheme

IECQ Approved Process Certification

IECQ Approved Process Certification may be applied to any process which may affect conformity or compliance of electronic components, related assemblies or services. For example this may cover, but not limited to; product engineering, printed wiring board manufacture, electronic component manufacturing, printed circuit board assembly, Electro Static Discharge (ESD) controls or even supply chain management.


Additionally the electronic components industry relies on, as a part of its manufacturing infrastructure, a supporting industry of organizations providing a wide range of specialized services, processing, and manufacture of piece parts and material.


The IECQ Approved Process Scheme permits such organizations to certify their specialized services or processes under the IECQ Approved Process Scheme. Manufacturers of finished electronic components shall seek certification to the IECQ Approved Component Scheme (IECQ 03-3) if they wish to qualify finished electronic components. However, such manufacturers may also seek certification for specific services or processes or for the manufacture of piece parts and material in accordance with the IECQ Approved Process Scheme. This approach recognizes the diverse infrastructure of the electronic components industry and makes it possible for a total electronic component manufacturing capability to be assessed as a totality taking account of the separate operations of several companies, each of which contributes piece parts, materials, processing or technical services to the final product.


Examples of supporting industry organizations are design bureaux, packagers, electroplaters, PCB mass laminators.


Organizations that are holding IECQ Approved Process Certification demonstrate to the international market place that their organization and facilities comply with the requirements of the IECQ System and the relevant declared technical Standards and Specifications for their scope of activity. IECQ Approved Process Certification mandates that the organization’s quality system must satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 & the additional requirements of the IECQ System. Where design is necessary, it must be claimed in the scope of activity.



Obtaining IECQ Approved Process Certification as an Organization?


Organizations who are interested in obtaining IECQ Approved Process Certification should contact the IECQ Certification Body (IECQ CB) of their choice or the IECQ Secretariat.


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