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Health-giving robots


Though the use of artificial intelligence is not yet widespread, robots are moving into sectors that seemed unlikely even a decade ago; for example, assisting in surgical procedures. IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, helps to ensure the reliability of components used in any robots that care for us.


[read article] – IEC e-tech | Medical equipment | April 2014

Safer cars, smarter drives


To ensure that the technologies being developed for vehicles around the world are reliable, IECQ created a programme that gives the automotive industry a standardized way of testing the components in those technologies.


[read article] – IEC e-tech | Transportation | March 2014

Gifts that can be hazardous


IECQ has the perfect solution for toy manufacturers who want to create safe and certified electronic toys that have hazardous substance-free electronic components. Toys using electronic components from suppliers that are certified under the IECQ HSPM Scheme are manufactured with hazardous substance-free electronic components.


[read article] – IEC e-tech | Multimedia & appliances | January/February 2014

Electronics through the looking glass


What will the future of electronics hold? Will we use 3D printers to make a spacecraft to take us to the moon? Will our electronics be able to reveal our emotional state to others? This year at TAITRONICS, the 39th Taipei International Electronics Show, exhibitors showcased items that we could only have dreamed about in the past. As was the case in previous years, IECQ was present at this event, one of the world’s largest electronic shows.


[read article] – IEC e-tech | GM Special | December 2013

IECQ past, present and future


Since it first began, IECQ has been gaining worldwide recognition as the international system for providing independent verification that electronic components, related materials and processes comply with appropriate standards and specifications.


[read article] – IEC e-tech | Smart Grids, Smart Cities | November 2013