IECQ – Most recent news

Quality and reliability at the forefront


IECQ has been thriving in the past 12 months. The launch in 2013 of new programmes for the automotive industry and counterfeit avoidance have enriched its portfolio and broadened its scope. Together with the complete restructuring of the Schemes and a new website, they have brought new dynamics to the System. Not resting on its laurels, IECQ is actively working on new developments.


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Casting a light on LEDs


Through the IECQ AC (Approved Component) Scheme, IECQ has put forward its "LED initiative", intended to provide manufacturers, suppliers and buyers with the confidence that the products they sell or purchase have been independently verified and meet all requirements and specifications.


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Renewing ties with a former partner


In May 2014, the Russian NC (National Committee) of the IEC invited the IEC and IECQ to present the System to the Russian industry during a workshop held at the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology in Moscow. IECQ Secretariat Business Manager Steve Allan was also invited to visit Electronstandard, the Russian Scientific Research Institute, and former IECQ CB, located in St Petersburg.


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Have faith in your electronics


Today’s world is as smart as it is thanks to the extensive use of electronic components of all types. To ensure that devices and systems retain that "smartness" throughout their entire life cycle, these same components have to work flawlessly. There only needs to be one faulty component out of hundreds or thousands to cause malfunctions that can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. IECQ provides independent verification that electronic components, related materials and processes comply with appropriate standards and specifications.


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Health-giving robots


Though the use of artificial intelligence is not yet widespread, robots are moving into sectors that seemed unlikely even a decade ago; for example, assisting in surgical procedures. IECQ, the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components, helps to ensure the reliability of components used in any robots that care for us.


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