January/February 2013


New IECQ website launches

Faster and more accurate information lies just a click away

Those of you who are frequent visitors to the IECQ website will undoubtedly be pleased to discover the new and totally revamped website that launched in mid-January. And for first-time visitors who want to learn about IECQ, finding their way around the different sections will be child’s play.

Streamlined and restructured

From the home page, all information lies just one click away. Whether you want to find out about IECQ services, publications and documents, online certificates, working groups, events and meetings or just want to gain an overview of what the System offers, it’s all there.

Easy navigation

The top menu provides seven main navigation tabs, each of which leads to a specific section of the website. Clicking on a tab brings up an overview of that section and links to specific items that pertain to it.



The seven tabs are:

  • About IECQ, giving general information on the System and its five Schemes: HSPM (Hazardous Substances Process Management), ECMP (Electronic Component Management Plan), AP (Approved Process), AC (Approved Component) and ITL (Independent Testing Laboratory).
  • News, listing all recent e-tech articles and news releases dealing with IECQ issues
  • Members and experts, offering easy access to information on – and lists of – MBs (Member Bodies), CBs (Certification Bodies) and TBs (Training Bodies). It also provides information on IECQ Officers, global partners and subject matter experts
  • Certification and approval, allowing direct access to all IECQ certificates
  • Publications, enabling all IECQ publications and documents to be downloaded, from Rules and Procedures to Specifications and Operational Documents. MC (Management Committee) and CABC (Conformity Assessment Bodies Committee) documents are also available but password restricted
  • Working Groups, listing members of each WG and their documents (some are password restricted)
  • Events and meetings, providing information on forthcoming IECQ meetings or events at which the System is represented

Quick access

The homepage provides quick access to the most popular features, including latest news items, most-frequently used tools – e.g. On-Line Certificate System database, list of CBs (Certification Bodies) or operational documents – and forthcoming events.

Positive feedback

The website is a powerful tool that allows all levels of users to find the information they are looking for. Its enhanced speed, easy access to information and documentation and intuitive structure impressed those who were tasked with testing the beta version. Feedback received so far has been extremely positive.


Visit the IECQ website at: www.iecq.org


For more information or to send your feedback on the new website: info@iecq.org



  • The 'About IECQ' section provides general information on the System and its Schemes
  • Overview of the HSPM (Hazardous Substances Process Management) Scheme
  • The list of Member Bodies in the 'Members and experts' section


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